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What's New on Instagram in 2022: New Features and Updates

As of 2022 Instagram is still one of the most prominent players on the social media landscape, and for a good reason. In November 2021 Instagram had reached two billion users worldwide. Instagram never ceases to grow and evolving. This means that it frequently introduces new functions.

This article will cover the most recent Instagram features and updates for 2022 as well as additionally, 2021 features that you may have missed.

If you're a marketing professional for social media tracking changes to social media platforms is essential. We've created this handy Instagram blog post so you can be aware of all the essential Instagram changes in Instawer place and use the information for your benefit.

The new Instagram updates first, and then recap the older but still important ones. Therefore, with no further delay now, let's review all the new features Instagram recently launched.

Instagram grid pinning

60-second Instagram Stories (without any cuts)

2022 Instagram's algorithm explained

2022 Instagram Reels updates

Profile Embed

Instagram Playback

Instagram Map Search

Instagram Creator Mode

Instagram Professional Dashboard

Updated Instagram Insights

Hiding Instagram likes was made optional

New Instagram Story Interactive Stickers

Instagram Shops & In-shop Ads

Control Instagram DMs on your desktop

Instagram marketing made easier

Instagram marketing made easier

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Instagram Grid Pinning

This latest Instagram update lets you place your posts on near the top of your IG grid.

In other words, your older content can still shine . This feature is not new to platforms like Twitter or TikTok however, we certainly needed it for Instagram.

60 seconds Instagram Stories (without any cuts)

Instagram is progressively introducing a helpful feature. Users can publish Instagram Stories for up to 60 seconds without the ever-frustrating cut at every 15 seconds.

It's definitely a very useful feature. The playback of your Story footage will be more fluid and you can incorporate all the user's user names Tags, locations, URLs, etc. in one Story that is longer There's no need to do it again after every 15 seconds, yay!

2022: Instagram's algorithm explained

The Instagram algorithm operation principle has been a total mystery for a long time trying to get the right answer involved a lot of guesswork as well as a trial and fail procedure. Although this has changed after Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri explained it in an article posted on his Twitter account.

It appears that at present the most significant factors that influence what users can see on their IG feeds are:

Post's popularity indicators include how many people have clicked on the post, where it was located and the duration (if it was a video)

The frequency at which the user has interacted on the accounts in the recent past?

How many posts the user has liked

The engagement of users with accounts' other content

We strongly recommend that you watch the entire video. It might really help you understand the social media platform better and have your communication start with more outcomes!

2022 Instagram Reels updates

Reels have rapidly gained popularity since Instagram launched them the year 2020. Instagram is investing heavily in this new style and is continually searching for ways to upgrade it, which we may see in July 2021, when Instagram made the decision to increase the Reels duration to the maximum. The brand-new Instagram feature is continuously enhanced with additional editing options like the most recent enhancements: double exposure or timer.

Instagram updates and new features Ig reel hulk

Instagram reel, with music added

Let's have a deeper look into the options available with Reels. In essence, Reels are full-screen vertical posts that can last between 15 seconds to 1 minute. It also lets the user to combine several short videos into one. Additionally, Reels can be equipped with a variety of extras to make the content more entertaining:

Music - you can add any song you like and change the music to match. the original sound quality of the video.

Voiceover - you can record your own voiceover


Doodles - you can draw over the video

Stickers - after you've filmed an entirely new Reel and you've added stickers to it.

Effects - also used as in Stories

Timer - you don't have to keep your phone in your hand while recording video

Instagram is testing more new features for Reels:

Video Layout lets you create multiple videos on separate windows one after another and then play them combined.

Double exposure feature allows users to capture an image and record video over it.

Instagram Posts Collabs

Another great feature is that you are now able to create posts that are joint. The post will appear both on your feed and your colleague's profile.

To make a joint post, create your regular blog post (Reels can also work) Click on Tag people, and click on Invite collaborator.

Instagram's new features and updates - ig post collab

An example of a shared post on Instagram

Reels Visual Replies

By the end of 2021 Instagram will release a second Reel update, called 'Reels Visual Replies'. This feature lets you reply on comments (given by each user who has commented on your Reels) posts with videos.

This is yet another fantastic way for creators to connect with their followers through creating content that is inspired by their actions through the discussion section.

Where can I find Instagram Reels?

To open the Reels creation area you need to click the '+' icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select 'Reels'. Certain of Reels features are able to be used during recording, while others only when the recording is completed. Have a try and create your own, captivating content!

There's a third option that you can go back to any of your Reels at any time and remix it and have an almost infinite possibilities for playing in your videos.

If you tap the play icon located in the bottom center of the screen you can swiftly browse Reels.

You can now also search for additional Reels using the same music by clicking the icon for audio in a particular Reel.

Keep all messages and comments from one view

Keep all messages and comments from one point of view

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Profile Embed

Embedding Instagram images or videos onto web pages isn't something new but until recently, it wasn't possible to embed an entire profile in a native-looking way. But it's now feasible today!

This update made it easier to show Creator's profiles on different parts across the Internet.

Instagram Playback

In 2021, Instagram introduced the "Playback feature which allows users to re-share their best Stories on New Year's Eve. It was an ideal method for users to remember their most memorable moments from the year.

Instagram's latest features and updates Playback feature


Instagram Map Search

Another feature Instagram has added to its new updates include one of Instagram's new features is the Map Search. This feature is similar to Google maps and lets users find the exact location of various companies within the Instagram app.

Map search can be found inside Instagram's standard browser that allows you to search for other users, hashtags and hashtags.

Instagram's new features and updates Map search on Instagram

Instagram map search

It's quickly becoming one of the best tools to explore new gems if you're in a previously unknown area. In addition, users are able to view additional details such as location, prices of products and services, and public posts marked with the location of the business by clicking on a specific location icon on the map.

Instagram Creator Mode

Instagram has launched Creator mode to accounts with more than 10,000 followers a while ago and continues to develop this part of the app to help influencers maximize their experience with it. From enabling creators to see more of their account's stats to making it easier to communicate with them, the Creator mode has made a huge significant difference.

The Creator mode continues to evolve and gaining new features including a new segment of Instagram marketing techniques that creators can employ to benefit when creating new content. Another step towards improving the user experience for creators was the launch to Professional Dashboard. Professional Dashboard.

Instagram's new features and updates Creator mode

Marketing tips for creators on Instagram

Instagram Professional Dashboard

Instagram has made another move towards improving analytics in 2021 by introducing its Professional Dashboard. This feature is available for all business and creator accounts and serves as a main in-app dashboard to analyze the performance of your account. Here's the list of its principal tools and resources:

Overall performance of the account

Instagram Insights


Branded Content Approvals

Instagram Shopping

Saved Replies

Instagram's latest features and updates - professional dashboard

Instagram Professional Dashboard

The Professional Dashboard is a great instrument to provide a quick overview of your statistics but should you wish to dig into the details, you still need to go to Instagram Insights for the information.

Updated Instagram Insights

Instagram has once more revamped its analytics tool to provide creators and businesses with better insight into their accounts' performance. The biggest change is that you can now look at data up to 90 days instead or 60. Additionally, you can analyze your live video's performance.

Insights provides you with a range of statistics for your:

Accounts reached – overview of your profile's reach statistics, divided by geography, gender or age. It also shows followers and. non-followers, type of content reach advertising, and more

Accounts engaged - This section lets you analyze your engagement with your accounts split between various types of content in more detail.

Total followers – This portion lets you measure your followers' base dynamics as well as provide insight into their demographics.

Content you shared - More information on your content and user interactions, divided by content and interaction type (even interactions such as Business Address Taps or Email Button Taps)

This is certainly an upgrade compared to the earlier version. If you have multiple social media profiles you may want to increase your productivity by using NapoleonCat with its Analytics function. With it, you can have a bird's-eye view over all of your accounts regardless of the platform you use and generate Instagram reports within minutes.

Hiding Instagram likes was made an option

Instagram has begun to conceal the number of likes under posts since the year 2019. Currently, you can choose whether to conceal the information in your post or leave it out.

For that it is necessary to go to your post Click the three dots in the upper right corner, and then select 'Hide like count'.

Although many users are beginning to use it, you are able to peep someone's like count in NapoleonCat - regardless of whether a user decides to hide them or not.

The like count on Instagram is in NapoleonCat

View Your Instagram Likes in 2022

View Your Instagram Likes in 2022

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New Instagram Story Interactive Stickers

The majority of Instagram users are used to seeing new stickers in their editing panel for Stories periodically. The most current set of stickers available to each user will vary based on the type of account they use.

Let's take a look at some of the most up-to-date and popular ones.

Instagram's latest features and updates Ig Story interactive stickers

Stickers are available to Instagram Stories

Shopping sticker

The sticker's name is the best of all. The addition of it to your Instagram Story allows your followers to buy directly from Instagram Stories. Be aware that you'll need the Shopping feature already set up to use this sticker. If you want your customers to use this sticker to redirect customers to your website it is also necessary to activate this feature under your Shopping Partners section of your account settings.

Music sticker

The long-awaited sticker was awaited by people in many countries The Music sticker is becoming more widely accessible. You can use it to add some spice to your story by incorporating your favorite song!

Location Sticker

The location sticker allows you to post your current location, if you're looking to share a particular cool spot with your followers.

Sticker with the word "Mention"

Include a business or user within your story. This allows them to reshare the Story on their profile to increase their reach.

Questions are on the sticker

Add a Questions sticker to invite your followers to give feedback on your chosen topic. It is also possible for users to pose questions that you then answer on separate Stories , thereby generating further interaction with your fans.

Quiz sticker

A great use for it is pose questions related to your profile's subject of interest and then see how well your followers are performing and enhancing your brand's visibility.

Poll sticker

Like similar to Quiz sticker Similar to the Quiz sticker, this is a fantastic option to find out your followers their opinions. Especially useful for supporting decision-making for content ideas in the future by involving your followers' voices in the process of creating.

Donation sticker

This sticker lets you choose a non-profit organization and lets your followers make donations. Nonprofits will get 100% of the money you raise.

Countdown sticker

If you're planning to hold an important event scheduled for the near future There's no better way to inform your followers about it than with this Countdown sticker.

Add Yours sticker

The 'Add yours' is a little like the long-gone Challenge sticker. All you need to do is invite other users to submit their own Stories on any subject you'd like to or tap the bottom to have one chosen for you and then tap 'Done'. To view Stories from others who have added your prompt, tap the sticker on your own story.

You can also use that three-dot icon located at the top to access additional options for managing your stickers. For instance, you can turn off notifications or hiding your username.

Flexible Link sticker

The Link sticker is no longer reserved for larger Instagram accounts that have more than 10k followers. It's now available for everyone, yay!

To use it you must enter your website's URL you wish the sticker to link to. Tap 'See preview' below the link to determine whether the page will appear like when it is opened by someone. Anyone who sees your Story can click the sticker to visit the website linked.

There's more! Now you can customize the look of the sticker and turn it into a clickable button which gives a great number of options to use for Instagram marketing.

Food Orders sticker

The addition of a Food Orders sticker to your Instagram Story enables other users to order food from your business through your partner's site.

This sticker is especially useful for small eateries which don't enjoy much exposure, but is can be a valuable tool should you decide to collaborate with an influencer to incorporate this sticker into their Instagram Stories to bring traffic to your business.

Small business support sticker

The sticker has earned the rounds throughout the pandemic , and for justification. In addition, other regulations have caused a major negative impact on companies and especially small ones. Instagram has decided to allow users to give back to their favourite small businesses with a dedicated sticker to help them grow their popularity and reach.

By using the sticker, you'll be able to tag any company with an Instagram profile to allow them to reach an even larger audience. For example, if you work for a small food chain , or another similar business, with multiple profiles for various locations, you can utilize the sticker to cross-promote them.

Instagram Shops & In-shop Ads

Facebook (or the current version: Meta) has been active in developing its eCommerce component by introducing Facebook as well as Instagram Shops that can be accessed directly from the apps. Thanks to this, businesses can design catalogs that are customizable for their offerings that customers can browse and save, share and buy from.

It is essential to get this installed, but once you've done that you can present your products using many different options, like adding an image of the cover, or selecting the color scheme to give an individual look and feel on your website store.

Users can access Facebook Shops through Facebook Pages, Instagram accounts, or even through ads and Stories. It is now possible to buy a product without leaving the app if the business has added checkout to its website on its site in the US.

New is the fact that Instagram is testing the display of advertisements in the Shopping area which could turn into a strong marketing tool in the arsenal of any company.

Instagram's new features and new updates - for example, showing ads


How to see Instagram DMs on a PC - Messenger API

It is now possible to look up your Instagram DMs right on your PC. This is due to Messenger open its API to Instagram messaging. You can also manage the Instagram DMs (even from multiple accounts) through NapoleonCat's Inbox.

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How to verify DMs on Instagram using a computer NapoleonCat

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Wondering how to see Instagram DMs on a PC?

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Wrap up

Instagram is growing rapidly and improving user experience each day. From small changes like shifting buttons around to more extensive ones like adding entirely new features

- you can never be bored with this social media giant.

We hope this post helped you to catch up with the most recent Instagram updates

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